Help Your Child Learn to Read

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iPhone-KinderbrightDeveloped and produced by the Executive Director of Montessori Private Academy, Kinderbright incorporates Dr. Montessori's learning theories and makes learning to read safe, easy and fun. Kinderbright utilizes beautiful, high definition pictures, classical music, and interactive Montessori lessons. Children have used the app in homes and in classrooms with remarkable results. 

The Kinderbright app is different than most children's applications.  Children respond to the videos, touch them, talk to them, but the videos continue to play regardless.  Kinderbright is also very beautiful and peaceful to use, which separates it from many other children's apps or videos on the market.

The videos are not intended to replace or take away from the classroom materials.  On the contrary, we have seen children more inspired to use those materials than before.  We have also found, from experimentation in multiple classrooms, as well as in dozens of homes, that children learn from Kinderbright.  In fact, we use the videos in all three of our preschool classrooms.  One of our lead directresses, who has been teaching 30 years, said, "In all my years, I've never seen three year-olds learn to read so fast!"

There are currently 25 segments.  Each segment is four to five minutes in length, with slow Baroque music playing in the background. In conjunction with other Montessori classroom instruction, children will learn all 26 phonetic sounds; learn short vowel blends, such as hat, bat, mat, etc.; learn basic sight words; learn to read short sentences; and learn the numbers 1-20.

The Kinderbright app is meant to be used 5 or 10 minutes at a time, or as long as a child is intensely focused.  And it's free!